# vue-virtualized-list

A virtual list (or virtual scroll) is a component to handle a large number of data to display without having terrible performance.
It achieve this goal by render only the needed one.
This component has less functionality compared to other virtual list libraries but it's under 5kb before gzip

# Getting started

To install the package in your application

npm install vue-virtualized-list

Then, to install as a global component

import Vue from "vue";
import VirtualizedList from "vue-virtualized-list";

Vue.component("virtualized-list", VirtualizedList)

Or you can register locally in one of your components as follows

import VirtualizedList from "vue-virtualized-list";

export default {
    name: "AmazingComponent",
    components: {
        "virtualized-list": VirtualizedList
    props: [myprop]

# Example

I'm item number 0
I'm item number 1
I'm item number 2
I'm item number 3
I'm item number 4

# Props

Name Type Mandatory Example Default value Description
items Array true - - The list of items
itemHeight Number true 100 - The height of each item (in px)
outerContainerEl String false "div" "div" The type of the outer element (no matter the element, some css properties are necessary, e.g. display: block)
outerContainerClass String false "my-class" "vue-virtualized-list" Class of the outer element
innerContainerEl String false "div" "div" The type of the inner element, the scrollable one (no matter the element, some css properties are necessary, e.g. display: block and position: relative)
innerContainerClass String false "my-class__inner" "vue-virtualized-list__scroll" Class of the inner element
bench Number false 10 5 The number of non-visible items to render before the first visible and after the last (if a user scrolls very fast without bench items there might be a short amount of time where not items are rendered. Increasing the bench will decrease this issue but it also increases the rendering cost. Most of the time leaving the default value works just fine)

# Events

It does not emit any event


Name parameters return value Description
update none undefined Tells the component to recalculate the visible items. This can be useful in certain cases, for example if you change the height of the container
scrollTo index (Number) undefined Scroll to the given index

# Examples

<virtualized-list :items="list" :item-height="itemH">
    <template v-slot="{ item, index }">
        <div class="item">
        <span class="item__avatar">{{ item.avatar }}</span>
        <span class="item__name">{{ item.name }} {{ index }}</span>
bt User 0
sd User 1
yy User 2
cl User 3
uo User 4

# Changelog

# 1.1.0

# New features

  • Add new API scrollTo(index)

# 1.0.0

# New features

  • Index is passed to slot scope

# Breaking change

  • Migrating from 0.1.0: replace provided by provided.item or replace v-slot="provided" by v-slot="{ item }" then use item

# 0.1.0

# New features

  • Add bench prop
  • Add update api

# 0.0.3

  • Initial release

# Repository

Github (opens new window)

Last Updated: 6/25/2021, 10:11:54 AM